I have the mathematical formulation of the problem I am working on but I honestly cant do the python formulation for the problem to be solved by gurobi. I would be very grateful in the kind people here could help me out with the implementation because my whole life literally depends on it and I will be indebted to you guys forever. Thanks

I have a max flow problem for an emergency evacuation planning. The model is based on the Cell Transmission Model (CTM), basically the entire area to be evacuated is partitioned into cells using square grid, where cells=nodes and the passage/links between adjacent cells = arcs. G=(V,A). The whole idea is to find the maximum number of evacuated at each time slot.

model to be translated enter image description here

The model will be run for tau = 1, 2, ...until a solution for N is found.

NB: Thanks once again kind people and life savers

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