I tried to find information in the vue documentation,but I didn't find this one . In this case, how can I pass information to {Icon} using vue js?

  <div class="weekfor">
    <div v-for="item of cast" :key="item.icon">
      <h1>{{item.Icon}}</h1> //output:'10d'
      <img src="http://openweathermap.org/img/wn/{{item.Icon}}@2x.png"> //must be output "http://openweathermap.org/img/wn/10d@2x.png"

You should do something like this

<img :src="`http://openweathermap.org/img/wn/${item.Icon}@2x.png`">

Pay attention to : which is a shorthand to v-bind: before the src which means that you are binding an expression value to this property and not a string, which is your case, then you construct the string with string template and pass it using ${item.icon}.

  • You're welcome! vue.je guide take a look at vue.je guide to learn more about the syntax of vue.
    – drocha87
    Oct 18 '20 at 12:55

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