I want to have an input box, you type in a string and it gives you an output but there is a space after every character (even spaces). Example:

"Hello There." → "H e l l o  T h e r e ."

Everything I've tried online never worked (I would get a lot of errors).


You should add this function Space : Return a string consisting of a specified number of spaces.

With the comment of @Lankymart you can write something like that in vbscript :

Option Explicit
Dim Title,Input,i,OutPut
Title = "Add a space after every character in VBS" 
Input = InputBox("Hello There.",Title,"Hello There.") 
If input <> "" Then 
    For i = 1 To Len(Input) 
        OutPut = OutPut &  Mid(Input,i,1) & space(1) 
End If
MsgBox OutPut,vbInformation,Title
Inputbox "The String " & chr(34)&  Input & chr(34) &" is converted to ",Title,OutPut
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