I've pushed a commit and I want to revert changes introduced by this commit by applying and committing a reversed patch. How do I do it?


Sounds like you want to use git-revert.


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    This is not a good option if you use a PR flow; in those cases you will want to make a new commit that put the changes from one commit back to what they were. – b01 Aug 23 '17 at 1:19


git revert HEAD

This will create a patch that reverts the last commit and commit that patch as a new commit.

If you want to revert a specific earlier version, use

git revert <revision>

see also: http://schacon.github.com/git/git-revert.html


simply use

for committed file:

git revert <SHA1 ID>

for non-committed file:

git reset --hard HEAD

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