Can I change Ant Media Server application settings in <AMS_DIR>/webapps//WEB_INF/red5-web.properties folder from REST API.


Yeah it's possible however it's not documented officially. Let me tell how to do that.

The web panel REST Methods are available here. REST methods consume JSON objects and return JSON objects. I mean you can use any language for consuming REST methods. Let me give some more explanations for that.

  1. First you should access to the REST services.
  • First way is authenticating user with your username or password that you use in web panel by calling authenticateUser(User user) method.
  • Second way is disabling authentication by removing the following lines below from /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/root/WEB-INF/web.xml and you can use IP filtering for accessing the REST API as documented here
  1. Get the application settings from the server by calling getSettings public AppSettings getSettings(@PathParam("appname") String appname)

  2. Change the settings and set it with changeSettings as follows.

public String changeSettings(@PathParam("appname") String appname, 
        AppSettings newSettings)

I hope it helps.

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