Which API we need to use for removing user/member from TeamRoom?. I could not find a correct REST API for this operation.

Also I tried using Python v1pysdk. Seems it's currently not supporting multi-value removal operation.

Not working in this Python code:

from v1pysdk import V1Meta

with V1Meta(
  instance_url = 'https://www.versiononehost.com/Sandbox',
  password = '1.dfgdJHKLLLKhbHbHbhj',
  ) as v1:

    teamRoom = v1.TeamRoom.where(ID='TeamRoom:61092')
    teamRoom.Participants.remove (v1.Member.where(ID='Member:2666')) #Remove operation is not working

    print ("Complete...")

It works fine in below Java code but we do not use Java in our team. So i would like to find the correct REST API or make Python script to work?. Any help would be appreciated.

Working fine in this Java Code:

import com.versionone.Oid;
import com.versionone.apiclient.Asset;
import com.versionone.apiclient.Query;
import com.versionone.apiclient.Services;
import com.versionone.apiclient.V1Connector;
import com.versionone.apiclient.interfaces.IAssetType;
import com.versionone.apiclient.interfaces.IAttributeDefinition;
import com.versionone.apiclient.interfaces.IServices;
import com.versionone.apiclient.services.QueryResult;

public class VersionOneAPITeamRoom {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            V1Connector connector = V1Connector.withInstanceUrl("https://www.versiononehost.com/Sandbox")
                    .withUserAgentHeader("AppName", "1.0").withAccessToken("1.dfgdJHKLLLKhbHbHbhj=").build();

            IServices services = new Services(connector);

            Oid teamRoomId = services.getOid("TeamRoom:61092");
            Query query = new Query(teamRoomId);
            IAssetType storyType = services.getMeta().getAssetType("TeamRoom");
            IAttributeDefinition participantsAttribute = storyType.getAttributeDefinition("Participants");
            QueryResult result = services.retrieve(query);
            Asset teamRoom = result.getAssets()[0];
            teamRoom.removeAttributeValue(participantsAttribute, "Member:2666");
        } catch (Exception e) {

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