I have two Erlang applications: single app mylogger and umbrella app myapp.

I want to include a current version of mylogger as a dependency to myapp.

Rebar3 only suggests to add deps from git like

{mylogger, {git, "https://github.com/someuser/mylogger", {branch, "master"}}}

or from hex.pm.

How to add my custom app from the file system with rebar3 structure?


Use checkout dependencies. If you add your application in the _checkout folder it will do the following.

Any application/plugin in _checkouts will take precedence over the same application if it is additionally listed in the rebar.config's deps, plugins or project_plugins

In the past there was an issue where the directory in _checkout was used for the artifacts too, if I read the last release notes correctly, this was corrected already.


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