@inject Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore.JavaScriptSnippet JavaScriptSnippet

<!DOCTYPE html>

When I remove the above code the cookies are still there in the browser (before I started debugging mode I deleted all cookies in the browser :-) )

I do not need the clientside app insights JS library. I use app insights only server side.

How do I get rid of those cookies totally?


I use asp.net core 1.1 and I can NOT update!

  • Please check the Application Insights for web pages document, there has a isCookieUseDisabled field, if this value is true (default is false), the Application Insights Client-side JavaScript SDK will not store or read any data from cookies. Reference:Managing Application Insights Cookies – Zhi Lv Oct 22 '20 at 6:42
  • I know this link... it is pretty stupid to setup some javascript in order to configure it to a disabled state. That is pretty STUPID! – HelloWorld Oct 22 '20 at 8:00

Normally, we use the isCookieUseDisabled to control cookies even though you think it's stupid.

If it does not meet your need, please raise an issue in application insights github.

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