I am not coding my app yet so I can't test it out but if I wanted to chain dispatches, is that possible to make my dispatches run synchronously?


this.$store.dispatch('doSomething', {
    'url': '/admin/do-something',
    'user_id': userId,
.then(response => {
    this.$store.dispatch('doSomething2', {
       'url': '/admin/do-something-2',
       'user_id': userId,
  • Did my answer work for you? – Derek Pollard Oct 22 '20 at 20:58


According to the vuex documentation:


dispatch(type: string, payload?: any, options?: Object): Promise<any>
dispatch(action: Object, options?: Object): Promise<any>

Meaning, dispatch will always return a Promise so, theoretically, yes you can chain the dispatches to ensure a specific order


Going further, if these actions always need to happen in this order, consider making a single action that will dispatch each of these individually for you:


export const actions = {
  async doSomethingMaster({ dispatch }) {
    await dispatch('doSomething');
    await dispatch('doSomething2');
    await dispatch('doSomething3');
  doSomething() {},
  doSomething2() {},
  doSomething3() {},


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