• Tomcat 6
  • IIS 10
  • Java jdk1.6.0_23
  • Windows 10 Server

I've been trying to connect a Tomcat served web application to IIS following the applications step by step instruction for getting Tomcat and the IIS connectors working.

Tomcat is able to serve the site and I can connect to it through Tomcats port http://localhost:8080/sitename. Upon navigating to the IIS hosted site (on port 80 as defaulted), I see the normal default IIS site screen for IIS 10. If I were to access the site directory http://localhost/sitename, it brings me to a 404 page.

If it helps, here is the detailed error information:

Detailed Error Information:

   IIS Web Core 



Error Code

Requested URL

Physical Path

Logon Method

Logon User

My guess is the IIS site is having trouble using the isapi_redirect.dll file to establish a connection. The goal of this is to use IIS to add NTLM authentication for our users, so we utilize the IIS connectors for us.

I have all the necessary property files/configurations. I've checked the java environment variables. I've verified read/write rights for the users in the system, I'm running out of things to consider.

  • "following the applications step by step instruction", then whoever writes that up is the one you should chase. isapi_redirect.dll is known to have many issues like that.
    – Lex Li
    Oct 22, 2020 at 3:00

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You can try to add the following code to web.config:

  <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true" >
    <remove name="UrlRoutingModule"/>    

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