If I have the following program in raku it works well:

trabajando-en-piensa-en-raku on  master [?] via 💎 v2.6.5
❯ cat factorial.raku

sub factorial( $n ) {
   [*] 1 .. $n;

sub postfix:<!>( $n ) {
    [*] 1 .. $n;

my $n = 5;

say "El factorial de $n es {factorial $n}";

say "Si calculamos $n! obtenemos {$n!}";

trabajando-en-piensa-en-raku on  master [?] via 💎 v2.6.5
❯ raku factorial.raku
El factorial de 5 es 120
si calculamos 5! obtenemos 120

But if I define this functions in the raku REPL I get:

> * * &factorial
> 5
> El factorial de 5 es 120

It works normally and as expected for the factorial function, but I get this for the ! operator:

> * * &postfix:<!>
> ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling:
Negation metaoperator not followed by valid infix
------> say "Si calculamos $n! obtenemos {$n!⏏}";
    expecting any of:
        infix stopper

I need an special sintax in order to define operators in raku REPL, or is depending how the environment is loaded.

I'm using In OSX Catalina

trabajando-en-piensa-en-raku on  master [?] via 💎 v2.6.5
❯ rakubrew versions
* moar-2020.08.2
  • I'm curious whether you are aware of, and have tried, CommaIDE and its "Integrated REPL" (which, like most features, is included in the free Community Edition).
    – raiph
    Nov 12, 2020 at 23:09
  • Well, there is no special reason, I'm an Emacser, so I prefer this editor over intellij Editors (I used intellij many years and I really liked it (java developer) but since I'm started working with rubym my company also paid the RubyMine Lic but I feel that I need new way of working so switched to terminal and Emacs and now I use for every day task).
    – anquegi
    Nov 13, 2020 at 6:25
  • Comming from Ruby that Pry is, in my opinion, the best REPL around, I was thinking that raku has something similar but not, it has CommaIDE, it's good, but I would prefer a good LSP (or the tools of ruby ruby-mode (written by ruby creator), inf-ruby which in combination with pry is fantastic and robe-mode) and choose your IDE and a good REPL for working where you want and not inside an IDE. so wht you think @raiph
    – anquegi
    Nov 13, 2020 at 6:29

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I'm afraid the REPL in its current state, has several deficiencies regarding several Raku features, such as native variables and operator definition, IF these are executed in more than one line.

Currently the REPL is basically executing an EVAL statement for each line, with not enough information shared between invocations. This will not change in the short run. It might get better when the rakuast branch lands, sometime next year.


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