As announced in Webpacks 5.0 release blog post build still works in most browsers after a few minor adjustments in webpack.config.js.

But it stopped working in Internet Explorer (11) because the generated output is mixed ES6 and ES5 and therefore incompatible with IE (see image).

Generated Code

As it actually leads to no successful build using a variety of babel plugins I'm asking myself if theres an "easy" way to specify ES5 as the generated output.

From beta phase of webpack-5 I found a flag on Medium which seems not working anymore.

module.exports = {
  output: {
    filename: [name].js,
    ecmaVersion: 5 // <- this flag

Is there some "webpack built in way“ in version 5.x to have ES5 as output target?

  • Thanks @YuZhou and @arseneyr. Both answers work but in my scenario I preferred the solution using target:['web','es5'] as it keeps all the build relevant information on one place.
    – Bernie
    Commented Nov 9, 2020 at 8:05

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From the webpack guide To v5 from v4, it says:

By default, webpack's runtime code uses ES2015 syntax to build smaller bundles. If your build targets environments that don't support this syntax (like IE11), you'll need to set target: ['web', 'es5'] to revert to ES5 syntax ('web' if target environment is browser).

So you can try to set:

target: ['web', 'es5']

then it will convert code to ES5.


You could manually configure the features available in the webpack runtime with output.environment.

However, by default webpack 5 will honor any browserslist entries it finds and set the runtime to only use those features available in your target browsers. You can configure which browsers to target using any of the methods here, but the easiest way is to specify a key in your package.json:

"browserslist": "ie 11"
  • 1
    thanks, webpack ignored the babel IE11 configuration. I guess runtime of webpack has nothing to do with babel, it's a separate thing. Commented May 4, 2021 at 15:35

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