Please help me with my code!

#include <stdio.h>

void reduce(int numerator, int denominator, int *reduce_numerator, int *reduce_denominator);
int gcd;
int *reduce_numerator, *reduce_denominator;

int main(void){
  int numerator,denominator;
  printf("Enter a fraction:");
  scanf("%d/%d", &numerator, &denominator);
  int new_numerator, new_denominator;
  reduce_numerator = &numerator;
  reduce_denominator = &denominator;
  reduce(numerator, denominator, reduce_numerator, reduce_denominator);
  new_numerator = numerator / gcd;
  new_denominator = denominator / gcd;
  printf("%d%d", new_numerator, new_denominator);
  reduce_numerator = &new_numerator;
  reduce_denominator = &new_denominator;
  printf("In lowest terms:%d/%d", *reduce_numerator, *reduce_denominator);
  int result = numerator / denominator;
  printf("The value is:%d", result);
  return 0;

void reduce(int numerator, int denominator, int *reduce_numerator, int *reduce_denominator){
    int gcd, remainder;
        remainder = *reduce_denominator % *reduce_numerator;
        *reduce_denominator = *reduce_numerator;
        *reduce_numerator = remainder;
    gcd = *reduce_denominator;

I don't know the reason that I can't recall the function in the "main function", so if anyone know, please help me and let me understand, thanks very much!

p.s. The "reduce" function as well as its form are requested to have!

  • Too many definitions!!!! For example, the global gcd and the gcd in reduce() are different variables (sharing the same identifier). When inside the function you cannot access the global variable; when outside the function you cannot access (it even does not exist) the variable defined there. Suggestion: do not use global variables. Suggestion2: do not reuse identifiers (different for variables, for arguments, for functions, ...) – pmg Oct 22 '20 at 9:03
  • What is the intended functionality of reduce? From the parameters, I would guess that it is meant to set *reduce_numerator and *reduce_denominator to the fraction in reduced form (by dividing numerator and denominator by the GCD), but that isn't what it is doing, and the caller divides by the global gcd variable after the function call for some reason, most likely resulting in a divide-by-zero error since the value of the global gcd variable is never changed. Suggestion: Write a function to return the GCD of two integers and modify reduce() to use that function. – Ian Abbott Oct 22 '20 at 10:09

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