I have a big fancybox popup and contains scroll, And I need any event to attach scroll on this fancybox popup.

I'm already try some events like:

$('.fancybox-inner').off("scroll").on("scroll", function(){debugger;});


$('#FancyBox').off("scroll").on("scroll", function(){debugger;});

and other ways, but nothing work.

is there anyone have a idea ?


The Fancybox content is dynamically generated. As such you'll need to use a delegated event handler for the scroll event:

$(document).on('scroll', '.fancybox-inner', function() { 

Alternatively you could manually add the scroll event when the FancyBox is displayed using the built in events it exposes:

  afterShow: function() {
    $('.fancybox-inner').on('scroll', function() {
  // other settings...

You can read more on the events available within the Fancybox library by reading their documentation

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