How might I turn this code to fetch a single RSS feed in a Flutter app...

class RSSFetch {
  final _targetUrl = 'feed.rss';

  Future<Rss1Feed> getFeed() =>
      http.read(_targetUrl).then((xmlString) => Rss1Feed.parse(xmlString));

into something that pulls multiple RSS feeds and combined them before returning them? I assume it would involve a Future.wait but I'm stuck on the syntax (the example below isn't right).

class RSSFetch {
  List<String> urlList = [

  Future<Rss1Feed> getFeed() {
      List<Rss1Feed> list = await Future.wait(urlList.map((item) {
        http.read(item).then((xmlString) => Rss1Feed.parse(xmlString));
      } ));

    return list;

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