I have an edittext in one of my fragments. I also have a String field in my activity that starts the fragment, and every time the text changes in the edittext, I want to change the string in my activity accordingly but I'm not sure how to do that.

  1. Create an interface like this

    interface OnDataChangeListener {
         fun onChange(string: String)
  2. In your fragment's constructor pass an instance of this interface as a parameter

    class MyFragment(val onDataChangeListener: OnDataChangeListener): Fragment
  3. Now when the text changes in the edit text, call this interface's method

    editText.addTextChangedListener(object : TextWatcher{
         override fun beforeTextChanged(s: CharSequence?, start: Int, count: Int, after: Int) {
         override fun onTextChanged(s: CharSequence?, start: Int, before: Int, count: Int) {
         override fun afterTextChanged(s: Editable?) {
  4. Now implement this interface in our activity

    class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(), OnDataChangeListener {
      override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
           AppUtils.addFragment(this, MyFragment(this), R.id.fragment_container)
      override fun onChange(string: String) {
           val textView = findViewById<TextView>(R.id.textView)
           textView.text = string

That's it. This should give you the required output.

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  • Thanks! It's basically developer.android.com/guide/components/… combined with TextWatcher, nice. I didn't add the interface in my fragment's constructor though, what is that for? – jklo12334 Oct 22 at 20:30
  • Interface is for sending the callback to some other component. Whenever we have to send some data from fragment back to the activity, we use interface. This way your fragment is not directly coupled with your activity and you can re-use this fragment in some other activity/fragment as well. – Tanya Arora Oct 22 at 20:58
  • Oh I understand that, but I don't know why we have to do step 2, it seems to work without it? – jklo12334 Oct 22 at 21:09
  • In my opinion, it wouldn't work without step 2 because, to actually call functions of that interface(that is Step 3), we need a reference of a class implementing the interface. – Tanya Arora Oct 23 at 15:52
  • developer.android.com/guide/components/fragments#EventCallbacks Ohh I think maybe it's working because I added the onAttach() method shown here? I'm pretty new to this but..? – jklo12334 Oct 26 at 14:00

Create an interface that the Activity implements and pass it to your Fragment. Then, add a TextWatcher to the EditText with editText.addTextWatcher() inside your Fragment, and notify the listener inside onTextChanged. This approach is based off the Android Docs.

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