Is there a way to programmatically query (using .net SDK) list of running pipelines by data annotations?

I can set data annotation when I run pipeline as explained here, but not sure how to query pipelines or filter pipelines using the same?


According to the API documentation, query pipelines by annotation is not supported. Filter parameter support following:

Gets or sets parameter name to be used for filter. The allowed operands to query pipeline runs are PipelineName, RunStart, RunEnd and Status; to query activity runs are ActivityName, ActivityRunStart, ActivityRunEnd, ActivityType and Status, and to query trigger runs are TriggerName, TriggerRunTimestamp and Status. Possible values include: 'PipelineName', 'Status', 'RunStart', 'RunEnd', 'ActivityName', 'ActivityRunStart', 'ActivityRunEnd', 'ActivityType', 'TriggerName', 'TriggerRunTimestamp', 'RunGroupId', 'LatestOnly'

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