I was wondering if there was a way to use AWK or SED to find certain values that are higher than the argument you gave to the script inside a file. This being

./script.sh CITY VALUE

The value, in this case, is the $2 or second argument which is going to the basis of our search, so if we have a file,


Format: Name;ID;Profession;email;rating;number of visits;balance

John Trevolta;12334;dentist;gmail;0;0;431

and if we input,

./script.sh CITY 400

It should be able to read every column ( the seventh in this case ($7)) from this exact dummy2.txt and output the number of times it finds a value higher than the one we gave it so the desired output would be:


But the current Output I'm given is the following:

1 John Trevolta;12334;dentist;gmail;0;0;431

So with this, this is my current code that I have for it:

if [ "$#" -eq 0 ]
        echo "Please insert arguments"
        exit 1
elif [ "$#" -lt 2 ] || [ -z "$1"  ]
        echo "Error 404: No arguments found"
        exit 1
    grep -c "$1" dummy.txt
    awk -v  x=$2 '$7>x{ i++ }END{ print "Found:" i }' dummy2.txt

I have already added some suggestions found in the comments but unfortunately, it only prints,


It doesn't start counting the i or even say it's value. I don't know if I need to initialize it or not and if I need to put ''/""/$ on it for it to be read.

  • "$7 -gt $Arg2" isn't a valid awk expression... – Shawn Oct 24 '20 at 0:37
  • 1
    Something like awk -F; '$7>x' x="$var1" dummy2.txt ... – dawg Oct 24 '20 at 1:37
  • 1
    Calling awk from a shell script is rarely necessary. If you are using awk -- it can generally handle the entire program. – David C. Rankin Oct 24 '20 at 4:35
  • 1
    Please, post a sample data file with related expected output. Do not post them as images or comments but edit and include them to your original post. Also, looking at your question history I think you should read this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/5235/346807 – James Brown Oct 24 '20 at 10:38
  • 1
    if [awk -F';' "$7 -gt $Arg2"] contains so many false assumptions and errors it's mind-boggling. The argument to [ should be a single string and it will check whether that string is empty; you absolutely need a space between [ and its argument; but obviously the string awk etc is not empty. if awk -F';' -v value="$Arg2" '$7 <= value { exit 1 } END { exit 0 }' makes sense syntactically, but it's not clear which file Awk should read as its standard input. – tripleee Oct 24 '20 at 11:10

Because of (the lack of ) input, assume the following input (numbers.txt):

een 1
twee 2
drie 3
vier 4
vijf 5
zes 6
zeven 7


awk -v arg1=2 '$2>arg1{ i++ }END{ print "Found " i " lines greater than " arg1 }' numbers.txt

will print: Found 5 lines greater than 2


awk -v arg1=5 '$2>arg1{ i++ }END{ print "Found " i " lines greater than " arg1 }' numbers.txt

will print: Found 2 lines greater than 5

EDIT: (because....)

When creating a script like this (lets name it test.sh):


rm numbers.txt
echo een 1 >>numbers.txt
echo twee 2 >>numbers.txt
echo drie 3 >>numbers.txt
echo vier 4 >>numbers.txt
echo vijf 5 >>numbers.txt
echo zes 6 >>numbers.txt
echo zeven 7 >>numbers.txt
echo acht 8 >>numbers.txt

awk -v arg1=3 '$2>arg1{ i++ }END{ print "Found " i " lines greater than " arg1 }' numbers.txt

awk -v arg1=5 '$2>arg1{ i++ }END{ print "Found " i " lines greater than " arg1 }' numbers.txt

awk -v arg1=$1 '$2>arg1{ i++ }END{ print "Found " i " lines greater than " arg1 }' numbers.txt

The output will be:

$ ./test.sh 7
Found 5 lines greater than 3
Found 3 lines greater than 5
Found 1 lines greater than 7
  • I tried doing this but it prints a blank line for some reason – Box Oct 24 '20 at 13:54
  • Than you did not copy/paste it exactly? – Luuk Oct 24 '20 at 13:57
  • I changed it a tiny bit. awk -v x="$2" '$7>=x {$i++ }END{print "Found:" '$i'}' dummy2.txt It prints the found but not the I, regardless if I put $ or not – Box Oct 24 '20 at 14:01
  • Where did you read that you need single quotes around $i ? – Luuk Oct 24 '20 at 14:08
  • Just put them to see if it would make any difference but it didn't – Box Oct 24 '20 at 14:08

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