Server : retrieving data via TFDQuery, using MySQL

Client : store data in SqlLite, access via TFDTable/TFDQuery (it's a one-way sync, called replication in this situation?) - meaning database is always most current in Server.

I've looked through a few threads on similar topics.

What's the best way to sync: a) write custom code to go through each record (maybe calculate a checksum on a few critcal fields / all fields) - maybe via MD5 or CRC32.. ?

b) If the fields have the same name, is there an easy way to call FireDac functions/component so that all the local records which are different will be updated?

How best to reduce the traffic between client (iOS/Android) and server while checking the records for out of sync? Or for every record, do I need a LASTUPDATED field so that I can compare what has changed? Or any better way?

Sorry if I missed out on any threads that have already discussed this in detail while searching on this topic... probably wrong choice of key words.

Thanks for your pointers and advice.

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    Instead for checksum, CRC, MD5 or LASTUPDATED, I would use a simple "version number". That is an incrementing number store in each record being modified/updated/inserted. For deleted record, you have to use a secondary table to record what has been deleted. A client keep the last version number he got and to synchronize, request all records having a greater serial number. – fpiette Oct 25 at 6:12
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    Using timestamps is easier than version numbers because they can be automatically set by MySQL for inserted and updated records (either like this or via triggers). – Olivier Oct 25 at 7:35
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I suppose version number will use less storage space compared to checksum or timestamp. Olivier, can't version numbers be automatically set via triggers etc too? – Peter W. Oct 25 at 8:06
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    "can't version numbers be automatically set via triggers etc too" Yes, but you would need to store the current version number in a separate table. So, every time a record is added or updated, the trigger would need to read the current number in that separate table and increment it, which means 2 extra queries. It adds some complexity and I see no benefit compared to timestamps. – Olivier Oct 25 at 8:35
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    "is there some shortcut commands in FireDac" No magical commands to perform replication. – Olivier Oct 25 at 8:40

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