Are there any best practices or examples of how to best integrate Facebook connect with an existing ASP.NET Application using the Membership provider (or something similar). I'm sure I can get something going, but, it would be great if there was some information and best practices on this to mitigate any security concerns. Currently I can have a user 'connect' and grab their information, but, I would like to handle them as securely as possible and as similarly as possible to the existing users. Particularly, I would like them to have an entry in the 'users' table.

It would be extra helpful for any information relating to ASP.NET MVC.

Some useful links i have found to date:


Look into RPXNow: https://rpxnow.com/

It'll allow you to integrate your app with a whole range of OpenId providers, and i believe with Facebook amongst them, with a nice tidy API. If you only want facebook as a provider, you may want to look elsewhere however

  • Thank you Chris, I will look into it – ccook Mar 16 '09 at 11:46

https://rpxnow.com/ has changed its name to "Janrain" and is commercialized. It would be nice to know the technology behind it in order to create a solution of your own.

Does anyone know an open source, free solution like "Janrain"? Or a good tutorial, suitable for ASP.NET MVC 2?

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