What could be the reason for the error in the function?

var conn = Jdbc.getConnection('jdbc:mysql://www.uplaunched.com:3306/uplaunc1_MailerBees',{user: 'uplaunc1_googlescript', password: 'xxxxxxxxx'});

The same parameters... The connection via Navicat works fine, but the connection from the Google script does not work.

connection via Navicat

Hosting: www.bluehost.com

Computer addresses and Google server addresses are whitelisted. Navicat works great! What do you recommend to do?

Error: exeption

  • Please edit your question to show the error / exception message you get. – O. Jones Oct 26 '20 at 0:49
  • As @O.Jones a message has said, more information of the error would be nice. Also is the database name uplaunc1_MailerBees? Did you make sure of that? – Raserhin Oct 26 '20 at 15:33

The problem was in the "crooked hands" of the hosting technical staff. Not all Google server addresses have been whitelisted. The solution to the problem is here:


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