I belive minimal is better, so I'm wondering how could I reduce/optimize these 5 lines in 1 line?

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?)\.jpg" target="_blank">(.+?)<\/a>/', '<img src="$1.jpg">', $post[message]);

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?)\.jpeg" target="_blank">(.+?)<\/a>/', '<img src="$1.jpeg">', $post[message]);

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?)\.gif" target="_blank">(.+?)<\/a>/', '<img src="$1.gif">', $post[message]);

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?)\.png" target="_blank">(.+?)<\/a>/', '<img src="$1.png">', $post[message]);

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?)\.bmp" target="_blank">(.+?)<\/a>/', '<img src="$1.bmp">', $post[message]);
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    what do you want to this?
    – Jerson
    Oct 26, 2020 at 1:06

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Use an alternation:

$post[message] = preg_replace('/<a href="(.+?\.(?:jpe?g|gif|png|bmp))" target="_blank">.+?<\/a>/',
                              '<img src="$1">', $post[message]);

Note that I have removed the second capture group, which was the anchor text, as your regex replacement was not even using it.

  • Thank you very much Tim for your help and note. Your code works correctly and it's exactly what I was lookin for :)
    – Akirabyte
    Oct 26, 2020 at 1:40

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