I am creating a music store in Visual Studio. I want to create a database table for genre. I want the Album table to refer to the Genre table. So these two tables have one to many relationship. The Album table already has a genre column so I figure add that to a new table I create but I've been unsuccessful so far.

Any assistant would be appreciated. I tried something like:

INSERT INTO dbo.GenreTable 
    SELECT Genre 
    FROM Albums.dbo.mytable

But I'm probably doing something wrong.

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    Do you really wish to insert only the Genre column from the second table? Please include table structure for both tables, and maybe also include some sample data. – Tim Biegeleisen Oct 26 at 3:15
  • I have tested your query its working fine you need to share the error your are receiving while you execute the query – Muhammad Waqas Aziz Oct 26 at 5:30

Try something like

INSERT INTO dbo.GenreTable

Tested working flawlessly

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Copy only some columns from one table into another table like:

INSERT INTO dbo.GenreTable(Genre)
SELECT Genre FROM Albums.dbo.mytable

INSERT INTO dbo.GenreTable(column1,column2, ....)
SELECT (column1,column2, ....) FROM Albums.dbo.mytable

Copy all columns from one table to another table like:

INSERT INTO dbo.GenreTable
SELECT * FROM Albums.dbo.mytable
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