I developing a project where I am using <agm-direction> from angular google map api. Actually I want to display a direction which has an origin, a destination and between those some waypoints/stepover. Please find my object below:

  public directions: Array<any> = [
      origin: 'Beau-bassin Rose-Hill Mauritius',
      destination: 'Flic en flac, police station Mauritius',
          location: 'Quatre Bornes, Police station'
      visible: true,
          suppressMarkers: true,
          draggable: true,
          polylineOptions: { 
            strokeColor: '#cc33ff', 
            strokeOpacity :1,
            strokeWeight: 5,
            zIndex: 1,
            geodesic: false,
            clickable: true,
            editable: false,
          origin: {
            icon: 'https://www.shareicon.net/data/32x32/2016/04/28/756617_face_512x512.png',
            draggable: true,
            infoWindow: `<h4>Test</h4>`,
            label: {
              text: 'Something',
              fontWeight: 'bold',
          destination: {
            icon: 'https://www.shareicon.net/data/32x32/2016/04/28/756626_face_512x512.png',
            label: 'MARKER LABEL',
            opacity: 0.8,

And below this is the angular html code:

        <agm-map [zoom]="zoom" [latitude]="lat" [longitude]="lng">
            <agm-direction *ngFor="let direction of directions; let i = index"

Everything is fine except that the waypoints marker is having the destination marker's icon and the destination marker does NOT have any icon. Please find the result here

I would like to have three different icon for the origin, destination and waypoints more further I would like to save the new draggable waypoint. Can someone help me please?


Had the same problem and finally fixed it. Leaving post here if someone else encounters the same problem:

When adding new waypoint, add stopover: false.

markerOptions = {
      origin: {
        icon: 'path-to-icon'
      destination: {
        icon: 'path-to-icon'
      waypoints: {
        icon: 'path-to-icon'

renderOptions = {
    suppressMarkers: true

let latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(a.latitude, a.longitude);
        location: latlng,
        stopover: false

<agm-direction [origin]="origin"

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