Trying to extract table data from such page. And code written so far is here:


I figured out that using pandas library read_html, html tables can be handled. So what I did

table = pd.read_html(response.css('#D_GA_Content > font > table').get())
header = dict.fromkeys(table[0].to_dict('recrod')[0].values(),'')

for data in table[0].to_dict('recrod')[1:]:
    for key,value in data.items():
        header[table[0].to_dict('record')[0][key]] += value + ' | '

The problem is that the table's layout is changing dynamically. This code works good for only one table layout, which is this one, but if you visit these pages e.g page1,page2, the layout for each one is different. The sample output, I want to have for each of those tables is shown below which should be separated by '|' under their corresponding header.

The output it produces for this page

{'% of the Securities': '% of the Securities | 0.0061 | ',
 'Date of Change': 'Date of Change | 23.10.2020 | ',
 'Number of Shares Acquired/ (Disposed)': 'Direct | Indirect | 7500 | - | ',
 'Remarks': 'Remarks | Acquisition of shares in the open market | ',
 'Transaction Price Per Share (RM)': 'Transaction Price Per Share (RM) | 3.85 | '}

Desired output for above table's layout

{'% of the Securities': '0.0061',
 'Date of Change': ' 23.10.2020 ',
 'Number of Shares Acquired/ (Disposed) | Indirect': '-',
 'Number of Shares Acquired/ (Disposed) |Direct': ' 7500',
 'Remarks': 'Acquisition of shares in the open market ',
 'Transaction Price Per Share (RM)': ' 3.85'}

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