I want to save user input as a Javascript variable so I can use it on other pages of my site. How can I do that? Now the variable will be deleted if I go to the next page and I get the error "Uncaught ReferenceError: userInput is not defined"

Here is my code:

function test(){
    const userInput = document.getElementById("naam").value;
    window.location.href = "interactie1.html";

document.getElementById("js--terminal--text").innerHTML = "";
typeText = (textToBeTyped) =>{
    if(textToBeTyped != ""){
        document.getElementById("js--terminal--text").innerHTML += textToBeTyped[0];
        setTimeout(() => {
typeText(Array.from("Hello this is "))
<input class="naam__aanwezigheid__form" type="text" id="naam" placeholder="Type je naam" required>
<button onclick="test()">Submit</button>

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Since you are changing the page, the script is unloaded, therefore you can't access these variables.

Maybe you can try this : Session storage

Or make sure you've loaded the script in the first place to use the variables.


If you are using tools like React, they have the concept of states, that will allow you to hold the variable in memory, while you change the URL ( React is a single page application though ).

Otherwise, you will either need to use cookies, or have a server to hold those values for you while you change pages.


Use localstorage for save your values.

localStorage.setItem("key", "your value");

Then get saved values in next page.

let your_value = localStorage.getItem("key"); 
  • Remember to clear localstorage when done. using localstorage.removeItem("key");
    – w0lf
    Commented Oct 26, 2020 at 15:37

The userInput will be empty since you're loading another page. You'd be needing a storage, you can access the browsers storage section with:

window.localStorage.setItem('userData ', userInput);

It's stores it as a key value pair. userData is key for retrieval. userInput is the value that is returned.

Hence, on loading the new page you can retrieve it using: window.localStorage.getItem('userData');

Feel free to read more on localStorage in js.


you may want to use the JavaScript Session Storage API. using URL Parameters should do the trick too.

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