I am working on a docker based java batch application. Three instance of this java batch application image would be deployed to Mesos. The batch application is supposed to connect to 3 different queues setup under same queue manager using a CCDT file. the queue manager can only accept one connection per client.


I have following Java code which makes connection using CCDT file

    public JmsListenerContainerFactory<?> myFactory(MQQueueConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
                                                    DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactoryConfigurer configurer) {
        DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory factory = new DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory();
        configurer.configure(factory, connectionFactory);
        return factory;

    UserCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter userCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter(
            MQQueueConnectionFactory mqQueueConnectionFactory) {
           UserCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter userCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter = new UserCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter();
        return userCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter;

public MQQueueConnectionFactory mqQueueConnectionFactory() throws Exception {
    MQQueueConnectionFactory mqQueueConnectionFactory = new MQQueueConnectionFactory();
    try {


    } catch (Exception e) {
                log.error("Unable to connecto MQ queue after connect command------------>", e);
                throw e;
    return mqQueueConnectionFactory;


When we deploy 3 instance of this docker image to mesos as marathon service, 2 instance comes up successfully while the third instance never comes up and it fails with following error.

Caused by: com.ibm.mq.MQException: JMSCMQ0001: IBM MQ call failed with compcode '2' ('MQCC_FAILED') reason '2537' ('MQRC_CHANNEL_NOT_AVAILABLE').

the MQ team checked and they say one of the two active docker image has established two connection which why there no available connection for the third image and that is why it is failing.

I did logging and everything and not able to understand how the one image is able to establish two connection to same queue manager, any help will be deeply appreciated.

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    Can you show us the SVRCONN definition, specifically the value of SHARECNV, and can you describe whether the code uses createSession somewhere or only createConnection? createSession which is the transactional boundary for working with queues, also creates an MQ connection. – Morag Hughson Oct 27 at 5:17

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