Problem statement

A directory chooser dialog is prepared. No files are allowed to be chosen, only directories. In order to do so, the JFileChooser is prepared:

private void prepareFileManagement()
        // unrelated code
        // export filters
        this.exportFileChooser.setFileSelectionMode( JFileChooser.DIRECTORIES_ONLY );
        this.exportFileChooser.setAcceptAllFileFilterUsed( false );

Dialog filters work as intended so far. However when displaying the dialog, there is still a "Files of type" label and the corresponding combobox shown:

Filetype objects still shown in directory chooser dialog


It does not seem to make sense to display the filetype section, when JFileChooser.DIRECTORIES_ONLY is set. Is there an API available to the JFileChooser to update the displayed dialog accordingly?

While I have found solutions, where components are iterated and identified using a barrage of instanceof, this seems like something that should be done by an API and not by tearing the Component apart.

Is there an API for the JFileChooser I have missed? How to solve this correctly?


I have looked for similiar questions on StackOverflow, the closest one in my opinion is this:

Java - Remove component (Files of Type) from JFileChooser


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