Is there any way to get Database Name from MySql connection string?

For example, MySQL data string can be any of the two types.

i). mysql://root:password@localhost/test

ii). mysql://root:password@localhost/test?debug=true&charset=BIG5_CHINESE_CI&timezone=-0700

So how to get the database name like 'test'(in this case). From any one of the two above given strings?

Thanks :)

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Node.js's built-in URL module will be able to reliably parse your example connection strings.

var url = require('url')
var parsed = url.parse('mysql://root:password@localhost/test?debug=true&charset=BIG5_CHINESE_CI&timezone=-0700')
var databaseName = parsed.pathname

If regex is an option, this is an approach:

var regex = /\/([^\/\?]+)(?:\?.+)?$/;



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