I was trying to use Locator Builder (https://codecept.io/locators/#locator-builder) and noticed that when I use withAttr, it does a equal comparison

Ex: locate('a').withAttr({href: '/order/offer/'})

Translates to: .//a[@href = '/order/offer']

I was looking at option where withAttr translates to "contains" comparison.

Ex: .//a[contains(@href, '/order/offer')]

Since the href has a dynamic value at the end, I had to use "contains" in my xpath. Would like to know if there is a similar option with Location Builder

Note: I saw that withText does a contains comparison

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you can use something like


This will translate to .//a[starts-with(@href,'/order/offer')]


No, you can't do it with locator builder since only developers of this feature can define how it work. You can do a feature request, but from my experience this feature are not widely used so most probably they will not improve it or create a new command.


You are probably looking for Custom Locators.

// inside a plugin or a bootstrap script:
codeceptjs.locator.addFilter((providedLocator, locatorObj) => {
    if (typeof providedLocator === 'string') {
      // this is a string
      if (providedLocator[0] === '=') {
        locatorObj.value = `.//*[text()="${providedLocator.substring(1)}"]`;
        locatorObj.type = 'xpath';

This translates to:


You can be pretty creative with it.

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