I am trying to install this extension


to my Windows 10 64bit operating system which uses Laragon as Apache,PHP,MySQL

as the installation instruction focus more on Linux

I make a research on internet to found out a way to install on windows and found out the procedure to install it is by

upon doing this I stumble upon an error after executing 'php --re decimal' to check if the extension have been properly installed

Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'decimal' (tried: C:/laragon/bin/php/php-7.2.19-Win32-VC15-x64/ext\decimal (The specified module could not be found.), C:/laragon/bin/php/php-7.2.19-Win32-VC15-x64/ext\php_decimal.dll (The specified module could not be found.)) in Unknown on line 0 Exception:

Extension decimal does not exist

i have tried restarting Laragon and using different version of pecl releases,

when i look at phpinfo() i am unable to see any php-decimal extension installed,

below is the code of the extension i put into php.ini


and below is the error that appear


my php version


what process am I missing

what is the proper way to install this extension in windows

Thank you

  • i also found other installation instruction at here github.com/php-decimal/ext-decimal but i don't understand how to install based on the windows dll releases provided Oct 28 '20 at 1:49
  • You need to copy "libmpdec.dll" to "C:\Windows\System32" Oct 28 '20 at 1:59
  • Done copying to directory C:\Windows\System32 , restarted laragon but still same error appear Oct 28 '20 at 2:58
  • Finally fixed, the problem is just wrong version installed, need to use this for php 7.2 php_decimal-1.3.0-7.2-ts-vc15-x64, copy to C:\Windows\System32 and it works!, Thank you Oct 28 '20 at 7:24

If you are using Laragon with PHP 7.2 VC15-x64 download this pecl release


extract then copy to directory


(this is the default php extension directory, type 'php -i|findstr extension_dir' to get dir if unsure)

also copy the libmpdec.dll file to C:\Windows\System32

restart Laragon and it should work, use this command to check if it have been successfully installed

php --re decimal

for different php version use different pecl release, also check on which VC version and x32 or x64 to make sure you get the correct release version.

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