I am making first android application and having problem with opening form. I only have name of form written in firebird table, and need to find form (FindComponent) to open it. On VCL this works, but when I start app on tablet then nothing happens, form isn't find.

Form: TForm;
Form := Application.FindComponent(Table1FormName.Value) as TForm;
    if Assigned(Form) then

Solved... Form name must be Table1FormName.value+_LgXhdpiPh or Table1FormName.value+_LgXhdpiTb

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    Please explain from where the "_LgXhdpiPh" part of the name comes. – Tom Brunberg Oct 28 at 11:53
  • In app folder was created Form1.LgXhdpiPh.fmx (original name of form was Form1.fmx, but when I made Android phone view in Delphi, then that file was automaticly created) – MatijaB Oct 29 at 12:30

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