I do have JSON object coming from backend and would like to set values for it in better way. What are the best approach I should consider?

I do know to manually set values to objects based on the key param.

Is there any other optimized way I can do this?

//backend response
"response": {

    "senderCode": "123",
    "senderName": "test2",
    "receiverCode": "456",
    "name": "test",
    "contactnumber": "1233333333"

//formgroup structure

this.Form = this.fb.group({
    receiverCompanyCode: null,
    // Sender Information
    senderInformation: this.fb.group({
        senderCompanyCode: [null],
        senderName: [null],

    // Contact Information
    contactInformation: this.fb.group({
        name: [null, Validators.required],
        telephone: [null, Validators.required],

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may be this help you

const response = {
      name: 'test',
      telephone: '1233333333'

you have to manually map the data into form value

const mappedValue = {
receiverCompanyCode: response.receiverCompanyCode,
    senderInformation: {
        senderCompanyCode: response.senderCompanyCode,
        senderName: response.senderName,
    contactInformation: {
        name: response.name,
        telephone: response.telephone,

or change the FormGroup structure and patch response value directly

this.Form = this.fb.group({
    senderCode: [null],
    senderName: [null],
    receiverCode: [null],
    name: [null],
    contactnumber: [null]

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