I am coding a book store, and am checking if everything works correctly. I am currently creating a method for employees to add books into the built in Inventory of books written into the file, and am trying to display the information using the split method. When testing the add_book method in the Inventory class, it prints the first book's information, and then gives a list index out of range error. Please help if possible. This is the code -

#This program is a shopping cart for ABC book store
#Created by Aykhan Salimov on 09.22.2020
#This is a class for books
class Book:
    def __init__(self, number, title, author, genre, price):
        self.number = number
        self.title = title
        self.author = author
        self.genre = genre
        self.price = price
    def __str__(self):
        return "This book's name is " + self.title + "\n" + "This book's author is " + self.author + "\n" + "This book's genre is " + self.genre + "\n" + "This book's price is " + self.price
#This is a class for the inventory of books for sale
class Inventory:
    def __init__(self, make):
        self.make = make
    def add_book(self):
        with open('booklist.txt') as f:
            x = f.read().splitlines()
            Content = f.read()
        Counter = 0 
        CoList = Content.split("\n") 
        for i in CoList: 
            if i: 
                Counter += 1
        loop = True
        y = 0
        print("Current Books: ")
            myLine = x[y]
            myContent = ""
            spliter = myLine.split("\n")
            myContent[spliter[1]] = spliter[2]
            y = y + 1
            if y == counter:
                loop = False
        print("Please specify the book information for the book you wish to add")
        addbookn = input("Please input the number of the book you wish to add: ")
        addbookt = input("Please input the title of the book you wish to add: ")
        addbooka = input("Please input the author of the book you wish to add: ")
        addbookg = input("Please input the genre of the book you wish to add: ")
        addbookp = input("Please input the price of the book you wish to add: ")
        newBook = Book(addbookn, addbookt, addbooka, addbookg, addbookp)
        f.open = open("booklist.txt", "a")
        f.append("/n%s" % (newBook))
    def display(self):
        print("Item number:", book0.number)
        print("Title:", book0.title)
        print("Author:", book0.author)
        print("Genre:", book0.genre)
        print("Price:", book0.price)
        print("Item number:", book1.number)
        print("Title:", book1.title)
        print("Author:", book1.author)
        print("Genre:", book1.genre)
        print("Price:", book1.price)
        print("Item number:", book2.number)
        print("Title:", book2.title)
        print("Author:", book2.author)
        print("Genre:", book2.genre)
        print("Price:", book2.price)
        print("Item number:", book3.number)
        print("Title:", book3.title)
        print("Author:", book3.author)
        print("Genre:", book3.genre)
        print("Price:", book3.price)
        print("Item number:", book4.number)
        print("Title:", book4.title)
        print("Author:", book4.author)
        print("Genre:", book4.genre)
        print("Price:", book4.price)
#This is a class for the user's cart
class Cart(Inventory):
    def __init__(self, make):
        self.make = make
        self.cartlist = []
    def add_book(self):
        numberbook = int(input("What is the number of the book you would like to buy?"))
        self.cartlist = []
        if numberbook == 1000:
        if numberbook == 1001:
        if numberbook == 1002: 
        if numberbook == 1003:
        if numberbook == 1004:
        if numberbook <= 999 or numberbook >= 1005:
            print("You made a wrong selection")
        return self.cartlist
    def checkout(self):
        total = sum(self.cartlist)
        print("Thank you for shopping! Your total is:", total)
book0 = Book("1000", "Science: A Visual Encyclopedia", "Chris Woodford", "Science", "$23.99")
book1 = Book("1001", "My First Human Body Book", "Patricia J. Wyennevand Donald M Silver", "Science", "$3.99")
book2 = Book("1002", "The Runaway Children", "Sandy Taylor", "Fiction", "$9.99")
book3 = Book("1003", "The Tuscan Child", "Rhys Bowen", "Fiction", "$9.99")
book4 = Book("1004", "Science: A Visual Encyclopedia", "Chris Woodford", "Science", "$23.99")
loop = True
myCart = Cart("Cart")
myInventory = Inventory("Inventory")
myCartemp = Cart("Cart")
    print("1: Display Books")
    print("2: Add to Cart")
    print("3: Show Cart")
    print("4: Checkout")
    print("5: Quit")
    userinput = str(input("Select an Option: "))
    if userinput == '1':
        print("These are the book for sale")
        print("You will now be returned to the home screen")
    if userinput == '2':
        loop2 = True
            if 1000 == numberbook <= 1005:
                print("Book(s) added successfully!")
            userin2 = str(input("Would you like to continue buying books? Type 1 if yes and 2 if no!"))
            if userin2 == '1':
                print("OK! Let's continue")
            if userin2 == '2':
                print("OK. You will now be returned to the home screen")
                loop2 = False
    if userinput == '3':
        print("You have", len(cartlist), "items in your cart, which total to", sum(cartlist))
    if userinput == '4':
        if myCart:
            print("Your cart is empty!")
            print("You will now be returned to the home screen")
            loop = False
    if userinput == '5':
        print("Thank you for shopping!")
        loop = False

NOTE: This is not yet finished, and has other errors, or areas which I have not yet coded. I know how to fix/code them, I was just working on this particular part for now.


Let's say your booklist.txt just has two entries, and looks like this:

Harry Potter
Grey's Anatomy

Then, you do:

with open('booklist.txt') as f:
    x = f.read().splitlines()
    Content = f.read()

Content, by the way, will always just be an empty string. You've already read from the file when you did x = f.read().splitlines(), and so the internal character pointer of the file-object will have already advanced to the end of the file, meaning there are no characters left to read. This is just tangential, however, and doesn't cause your IndexError.

Now, x will be a list of two strings: ["Harry Potter", "Grey's Anatomy"]

Later on, in your while-loop, you do:

    myLine = x[y]
    myContent = ""
    spliter = myLine.split("\n")
    myContent[spliter[1]] = spliter[2]
  • Initially, y is 0, so myLine will be "Harry Potter".
  • You then print "Harry Potter".
  • You then split "Harry Potter" on newline characters. Since there are no newline characters, spliter will be a list containing a single string: ["Harry Potter"].
  • You then try to access the second and third element of that list, neither of which exist, raising an IndexError.

There were no newline characters present in the string on which you can split, since you already effectively removed all newlines when you used f.read().splitlines(), since that's what seperates the individual entries in the first place. Additionally, even if spliter[1] did exist, you would raise a TypeError, because strings are immutable and don't support item assignment. And even then, you're treating a string like an integer index, which would raise another TypeError.

EDIT - If you just want to print the title of each book in the file (assuming each line corresponds to one book), you would simply do:

with open("booklist.txt", "r") as file:
    for title in file.read().splitlines():
  • I understand now, thank you for you help. Will work on it. – Aykhan Salimov Oct 29 '20 at 13:39
  • EDIT: I am still struggling - I have fixed the current error, but as you stated, I now have a TypeError. What can I do to fix it? – Aykhan Salimov Oct 29 '20 at 19:24
  • What exactly are you trying to do? – Paul M. Oct 29 '20 at 20:33
  • I am trying to print out all the books to the User, using the split method. When I try to do this, the first line gets read, but it then proceeds to give a TypeError – Aykhan Salimov Oct 30 '20 at 13:04
  • @AykhanSalimov I've updated my post. Take a look. – Paul M. Oct 30 '20 at 16:42

Your list index out of range means that your call to the split() method didn't find anything to split on. Therefore, there wouldn't be an index 1 (no splits, only one index), causing a list index out of range error to be thrown

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