I have a simple and free Google user account like this: [email protected]. Im working with SomeCompany with a billable Google account. This company exposed a bucket to which im supposed to upload someFile.txt. The bucket url looks like this: https://console.cloud.google.com/storage/browser/SomeCompany-multi-44444 or, alternatively gsutil: gs://SomeCompany-multi-44444

I can access and use this bucket (after auth prompt) from my browser.

Question: Can i access this bucket using API (preferably using Python oauth2client or gcloud) without creating (billable) Service account of my own? How? I fail to understand how to create an API authentication to this bucket without creating a service account which requires credit card. Is there something that SomeCompany have to do in order for me to succeed?

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Yes, it's possible and reasonable.

Service accounts and user accounts are all Google identities (as are Groups).

The difference is that service accounts use two-legged auth and have a simpler flow. But, a user account is a valid identity and yours has been authorized to use the bucket.

The difference is that you need to use three-legged auth and exchange your credentials for an access token that you may use to authenticate to the service.

Here's a link to the Python Cloud Client Library section on using 3-legged (User) auth.

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