I am using a node module 'get-ssl-certificate' to fetch the certificate details (package link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/get-ssl-certificate)


 const sslCertificate = require('get-ssl-certificate')
 describe.only('Inspect Google Traffic',()=>{
    it('verification of Certificate Issuer', async ()=>{
      const certificate = await sslCertificate.get("google.com");

Command to execute code:

mocha <path-to-file>.js

Terminal Output:

  Inspect Google Traffic
  [Object: null prototype] {
   C: 'US',
   O: 'Google Trust Services',
   CN: 'GTS CA 1O1'
√ verification of Certificate Issuer (709ms) 
Assertion failed: new_time >= loop->time, file c:\ws\deps\uv\src\win\core.c, line 309

Why is the assertion failing? This error only occurs when I try to access any of the google sites, including gmail.com, youtube.com, google.com, etc. For other websites like Facebook, Instagram this package is working fine

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