I need to know where exactly sound has been implemented in back and recent function. When I touch/click, home and recent icon has sound. I don't want to do in user application. I have aosp source code for Android 10. So I need to know in which folder/ method, this sound has been implemented for back and recent?


Check the AudioManager.playSoundEffect() methods: https://cs.android.com/android/platform/superproject/+/master:frameworks/base/media/java/android/media/AudioManager.java;l=2596;drc=master;bpv=1;bpt=1

The Javadoc for that method says:

     * Plays a sound effect (Key clicks, lid open/close...)
     * @param effectType The type of sound effect. One of
     *            {@link #FX_KEY_CLICK},
     *            {@link #FX_FOCUS_NAVIGATION_UP},
     *            {@link #FX_FOCUS_NAVIGATION_DOWN},
     *            {@link #FX_FOCUS_NAVIGATION_LEFT},
     *            {@link #FX_FOCUS_NAVIGATION_RIGHT},
     *            {@link #FX_KEYPRESS_STANDARD},
     *            {@link #FX_KEYPRESS_SPACEBAR},
     *            {@link #FX_KEYPRESS_DELETE},
     *            {@link #FX_KEYPRESS_RETURN},
     *            {@link #FX_KEYPRESS_INVALID},
     * NOTE: This version uses the UI settings to determine
     * whether sounds are heard or not.

Using that, you cand decide to skip the playing for the sound effect you want.

If you want to instead disable all the sound effects, there is a Settings entry for this:

See frameworks/base/core/java/android/provider/Settings.java:

* Whether the sounds effects (key clicks, lid open ...) are enabled. The value is
* boolean (1 or 0).
public static final String SOUND_EFFECTS_ENABLED = "sound_effects_enabled";

You can modify that by:

Settings.System.putInt(mContext.getContentResolver(), SOUND_EFFECTS_ENABLED, 0);
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