I have a microservice created with JHipster(SpringBoot+JPA) exposing a rest api.

During a save operation over an Entity I need to manage the transaction because I must execute another update over the DB (using other Entities).

How can I do this?

Using the tradictional approach (JDBC) I got the connection and create a transaction over it, make all the queries and finally close the transaction(commit/rollback).

With JPA I have an Entity, but I find no way to specify to begin/end(manage) the transaction programmatically.


You have many alternatives, here are few ones:

  • define a service (a class annotated with @Service) and annotate with @Transactional the public method that implements your logic
  • manage transaction manually through the EntityManager injected into your service class constructor
  • create a custom Repository

Check the Spring docs

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  • Thanks. I believe in my situation the simplest way is the first one. You say @Transactional only to the public method. I'm thinking a service class (with annotation @Service) doing all the method inside it "transactional". In this situation I can put the Transactional tag over the class and not over the each method, couldn't it? – Giant2 Oct 29 at 11:55
  • Yes you can put in on the class, my own preference is to do it per method, I find it more expressive. – Gaël Marziou Oct 29 at 12:50

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