we are having issues saving excel sheets in PHP.

Minimalistic code:

// R: is a Ramdisk
$filename = 'R:\\sheets\\ExcelFile_123.xlsx';
$application = new COM("Excel.Application", null, CP_UTF8);
$workbook = $application->Workbooks->Open($filename);

The call to save will throw a com_exception with message "Source: Microsoft Excel Description: Das Dokument wurde nicht gespeichert." (German for "The document was not saved.")

When any worksheet of the workbook has been opened and i am trying to save the worksheet again i get another com_exception with message "Source: Microsoft Excel Description: Zugriff auf 'ExcelFile_123.xlsx' verweigert." (German for "Access to 'ExcelFile_123.xlsx' denied.")

I checked following things:

  • The Excel file does not have any Links to other sheets.
  • The Excel file is not write protected.
  • The file can be written to disk by PHP (PHP has write access to the file and folder)
  • The Excel file is not shared.
  • No other Excel Application is open.

I toggled every setting of the ones mentioned above and even tried https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2589410/access-denied-error-message-when-you-save-a-workbook-to-a-unc-share-in

Solutions that are not suitable:

  • Using another PHP Excel Library (The Excel files heavily depend on calculations and conditions)
  • Using Microsoft Grap
  • Using Microsoft Office 365
  • Using Google SPreadsheet

Question: Why can't i save the excel file, even though i have write access?

System information

  • Server: Windows 2012 R2
  • Webserver: Apache 2.4
  • PHP: 5.5.14 (I am aware of the security implications)

PHP com_dotnet extension:

COM support enabled\
DCOM support    disabled\
.Net support    enabled\
Directive   Local Value Master Value\
com.allow_dcom  0   0\
com.autoregister_casesensitive  1   1\
com.autoregister_typelib    0   0\
com.autoregister_verbose    0   0\
com.code_page   no value    no value\
com.typelib_file    no value    no value

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It can be an issue with user profile under which your PHP application is running. Please check article on server-side office automation of office products (it has common problems listed). To see if the problem is actually the account, I would try to change the account under Apache (PHP) is running to your account (or simply start Apache command line to see if it fixes the problem).



BTW, there are (paid) alternatives as well that can do calculations and run server-side.

  • So it seems that even though PHP can read and write the document, the Excel Application opened and controlled by PHP can not.
    – VerteXVaaR
    Dec 2, 2020 at 8:45

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