I've been writing some code in Python that should return an array of matrices from one starting matrix. Basically, you give the function a matrix and there are some if conditions that change certain numbers in it, then I add that matrix to the list of all matrices but it turns out that every time I add a new matrix I add the same exact one.

Here is my code:

arr = []

test = arr[:] # copying arr

matrix = staring_mat

for k in range(10):
  temporary = matrix
  for i in range(20):
    for j in range(20):
      number = do_something(i,j,temporary)
      if number < 15:
        temporary[i][j] = 12
      if number > 60:
        temporary[i][j] = 54
  for num in range(len(test)):
  matrix = temporary

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matrix = staring_mat
temporary = matrix

By doing this you're creating a shallow copy, changes to the copy also affects the original. You should create a deep copy, here's the docs.

test = arr[:]

Here you're creating a deep copy.

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