I've generated my NEAR account key using near generate-key command. I have .json file with the key. How do I import it into NEAR Wallet (https://wallet.near.org)?

  1. Generate a new seed phrase (e.g. by trying to create an account here https://wallet.testnet.near.org but not following through). Any way of generating random seed phrase / password with enough entropy works (e.g. you can use pwgen 64 on Mac).
  2. near generate-key --seedPhrase “<your seed phrase>“ (this will output public key)
  3. NEAR_ENV=mainnet near add-key <your-account-id> <public-key-from-last-step> (adds new key to account)
  4. Login into http://wallet.near.org/ recovering the account from the seed phrase you generated in step (1)

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