I have two different servers to operate my emails.

  • G Suite operates e-mail for domain.com
  • My shared web hosting service operates e-mail for sub.domain.com

It all works when we exchange emails to other domains (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc...).

BUT when I try to email FROM sub.domain.com TO domain.com it does not work.

Sending FROM domain.com TO sub.domain.com works.

Is Google blocking it? I cannot find any blocks on the admin console.

Any clues? I have searched stackoverflow and the internet and can´t find a solution.

DNS is managed by CloudFlare (see screenshot below).

Main domain is b12filmes.com.br; sub-domain is astro.b12filmes.com.br:

dns records

EDIT: Posted on Server Vault: https://serverfault.com/questions/1041140/email-between-domain-and-subdomain-not-working/1041142#1041142

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I have been looking for this answer for weeks. Just after I posted here, a friend of mine gave me the answer:

  • As the sub.domain.com email is handled by cPanel and the domain.com is also hosted a the same cPanel server, cPanel tries to send the e-mail to itself.

Simple solution: on cPanel, go to E-mail Routing, select the domain.com and change the routing to "Remote Mail Exchanger".

enter image description here


You need to create a dns record for the "astro" subdomain.


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