i have a question and i'm hoping to find an answer here,

i created a flashbuilder project that contains some classes with functions that i use often, i have around 6 classes, would it be possible to compile these classes to a swc file so i just have to add the swc in a new project to access them?

Or isnt it possible to create swc's with flashbuilder? Maybe i could do it in flash but dont have any idea how to compile multiple classes into 1 swc. file.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but ive never used it before and couldnt find much about is.


Inside FlashBuilder create a new "Flex Library Project".

It will take you through a new project wizard that is similar to an Actionscript Project. Once it is created, you can add your .AS classes to the source folder. As long as Project->Build Automatically is checked, it will automatically create (and update) a SWC file in your designated output folder, usually (/bin).

If you want to pick and choose particular classes or include external libraries, SWFs, or other SWCs, select Project->Properties->Flex Library Build Path there is a tab called "Classes" where you can select which classes you want exported into the SWC.


You can just create a library project for this.

Move all of your code into this project and build the project. The output will be a .swc file in the bin directory.

You can also do this from the command line using the compc (short for component compiler) and incorporate it into an ANT task or a Maven build.


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