I've been researching how to do an ffmpeg-concat with play list and fade in/out. I haven't seen an example of this combination. my current command is as follows: I'd like to fade in and out of each video clip, and there are 35-60 video clips in the .txt list. ffmpeg build is from 2016, so it doesn't have gltransition.

ffcommand = {"-f", "concat", "-safe", "0", "-i", renderDirPath + "concatscript.txt", "-i", musicDirPath, "-map", "0:v", "-map", "1:a", "-vf", "scale=640x480", renderDirPath + "finalrender.mp4"}
  • I've noticed that most answers with concat does not include a filelist.txt in the command, its always concatentation of fixed or handful of files, those filtercomplex formats do not work with a filelists. just not enough examples. – Plazar99 Nov 2 at 17:27

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