I've been trying to make a query_report on frappe. but it doesn't return the data on the browser.

the console says 'Unable to handle success response'

console.trace() Each data element must implement a unique 'id' property

this is my sql syntax

`tabPayment Entry`.`name` AS `id`,
`tabFees`.`student` AS `student id::100`,
`tabFees`.`student_name` AS `name::200`,
`tabFees`.`posting_date` AS `tgl bayar::200`,
`tabFees`.`due_date` AS `bulan inv::200`,
`tabFees`.`outstanding_amount` AS `blm bayar::200`,
`tabFees`.`paid_amount` AS `terbayar::200`,
`tabFees`.`grand_total` AS `total::200`,
`tabFees`.`status` AS `status::200`,
`tabPayment Entry`.`mode_of_payment` AS `mode::200`
LEFT JOIN `tabPayment Entry` ON (`tabFees`.`student` = `tabPayment Entry`.`party`))
`tabFees`.`status` = %(status)s AND
`tabFees`.`due_date` BETWEEN %(from_date)s AND %(to_date)s

this is the screenshot of the console report

that sql syntax is working perfectly on the sql preview software.

Please if you have some answer i will appreciate it....

  • I would try to add "Data" specifer to each column like tabPayment Entry.name AS id:Data:100, tabFees.student AS student id:Data:100, Mar 12 at 12:11
  • hi @TurkerTunali thank you for your response. i'm very appreciate that.. i've tried as you suggested. but it return the same error as before. Jun 5 at 7:02
  • We need to find which id field is causing the problem. Does error persist if one of them is deleted? Aug 27 at 14:52

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