I've two multi select dropdowns that I use to apply filters on a page. I'd like to have them only apply / remember the select options when a user selects their options and THEN clicks apply.

It feels more complicated than I think it should, as if I need to maintain a selected property on the each option, rather than what the Angular Material component pushes one towards, maintaining a separate array of selected options.

Here's what I have so far: The Select Field:

<mat-form-field class='form-field'>
          <mat-select #pFilter multiple class='filter' placeholder='All' [(value)]="filters.personas" (selectionChange)="peopleSelectionChange()" data-test="people-filter">
              <span *ngIf="allPeopleSelected; else subsetPeopleSelected">
              <ng-template #subsetPeopleSelected>
                {{ filters.people | comma:'name' }}
            <mat-option *ngFor="let person of people" [value]="person">{{person.name}}</mat-option>
            <button mat-raised-button color="primary" (click)="apply(pFilter)">Apply</button>

The current selectionChange function

  public peopleSelectionChange(): void {
    if (this.filters.people.length === 0) {
      this.filters.people = this.people;

    this.allPeopleSelected = JSON.stringify(this.people.sort()) === JSON.stringify(this.filters.people.sort());
    enter code here
    this.contextChange(); // this fires the change down to child components which have an @input of this.filter

The intended onApply click function:

public apply(ref): void {
    // this.contextChange(); ideally this is what should now trigger the context change, but only solves half the problem, as the array of new selections will be maintained even if the user doesn't submit them

Any help would really be appreciated :)

  • you can maintain your selectedvalue like filter.personas locally until you click on apply button. – Arunkumar Ramasamy Oct 30 '20 at 8:58

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