Unpacking binary data in Python:

import struct

bytesarray = "01234567".encode('utf-8')
# Return a new Struct object which writes and reads binary data according to the format string. 
s = struct.Struct('=BI3s')
s = s.unpack(bytesarray) # Output: (48, 875770417, b'567')

Does Raku have a similar function to Python's Struct? How can I unpack binary data according to a format string in Raku?


There's the experimental unpack

use experimental :pack;

my $bytearray = "01234567".encode('utf-8');

say $bytearray.unpack("A1 L H"); 

It's not exactly the same, though; this outputs "(0 875770417 35)". You can tweak your way through it a bit, maybe.

There's also an implementation of Perl's pack / unpack in P5pack

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    Thanks you. say $bytearray.unpack("C1 L A*"); works as expetced. – ohmycloudy Oct 30 '20 at 12:22

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