I am using the sample Pet Store JSON file to generate the spring-boot based project. To add annotation such as @EnableEurekaClient in the generated code I am trying to use vendor extension in swagger file. Extensions name can be seen below as x-enableEureka in swagger defination.

swagger: "2.0"
  description: "This is a sample server Petstore server.  You can find out more about     Swagger at [http://swagger.io](http://swagger.io) or on [irc.freenode.net, #swagger](http://swagger.io/irc/).      For this sample, you can use the api key `special-key` to test the authorization     filters."
  version: "1.0.0"
  title: "Swagger Petstore"
  termsOfService: "http://swagger.io/terms/"
  x-enableEureka: true

I have modified the controller.mustache by adding below items. However, I am unable to access its value in generated Controller Class from either of the below statment.


My intent is to use x-enableEureka as a condition.


Similar way to access the vendor extension has been defined here. I am not sure why it's not working.

Can somebody please help me. I am not sure if I am placing the vendor extension at wrong place. I even tried to place that inside the Path block as well.

Swagger Codegen Version 2.4.15


You have to use the # sign instead of ^. The correct usage is


Sorry for the late response.

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