I have a custom event with a json (string) property called EventInfo. Sometimes this property will be larger than the 150 character limit set on event properties, so I have to split it into multiple properties, ie EventInfo0, EventInfo1, ect.

For example (shortened for simplicity) EventInfo0: [{ "label" : "likeButton", "stat], EventInfo1: [us" : "success" }]

I found out how to look at EventInfo as a json in app insights like:

 | where name == "people"
 | extend Properties = todynamic(tostring(customDimensions.Properties))
 | extend type=parsejson(Properties.['EventInfo'])
 | mvexpand type
| project type, type.label, type.status]

Is there a way I can concatenate EventInfo0 and EventInfo1 to create the full json string, and query that like above?

  • It's very nice if you can response to the answer below, like it works for you or not. And if it works, you should accept it as answer, as per this link. – Ivan Yang Nov 4 '20 at 1:19

According to the documentation, the 150 character limit is on the key, and not on the entire payload. So splitting as you're doing it may not actually be required.


enter image description here

that said, to answer your questions - while it's not efficient to do this at query time, the following could work:

datatable(ei0:string, ei1:string)
    '[{ "label" : "likeButton", "stat]', '[us" : "success" }]',
    '[{ "lab]', '[el" : "bar", "hello": "world" }]'
| project properties = parse_json(strcat(substring(ei0, 1, strlen(ei0) - 2), substring(ei1, 1, strlen(ei1) - 2)))
| project properties.label
  • strcat was what I was looking for, thanks. I am very new to Kusto. – Pootyy Nov 4 '20 at 23:45

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