I am wanting to add explicit entries for the directories in my zipfile. For example my zipfile includes:


When in reality I need it to include:


So my question is, how do I add the directories as explicit entries using relative paths? I tried to use zip.write(relative/path/to/directory) but it says it can't find the directory, since its a relative path. It works when I put


inside of zipfile.write(), but I need it to just be the relative path, which is just


is this possible?

Here is my full code

        buf = io.BytesIO()
    zipObj = zipfile.ZipFile(buf, "w")
    extension_folder = "created_extnsn_version_update2"
    with zipObj:
        # Iterate over all the files in directory
        for folderName, subfolders, filenames in os.walk(path_to_extension_directory):
            # If the folder is not the root folder the extension is in
            if not folderName.endswith(extension_folder):
                folder = folderName.split(f"{extension_folder}/", 1)[1]
                folder = ''
            for filename in filenames:
                # create complete filepath of file in directory
                filePath = os.path.relpath(os.path.join(folderName, filename), path_to_extension_directory)
                with open(f"{folderName}/{filename}", 'rb') as file_data:
                    bytes_content = file_data.read()
                    # Add folder to zip if its not the root directory
                    if folder:
                    # Add file to zip
                    zipObj.writestr(filePath, bytes_content)
                    # edit zip file to have all permissions
                    zf = zipfile.ZipFile(buf, mode='a')
                    info = zipfile.ZipInfo(f"{folderName}/{filename}")
                    info.external_attr = 0o777 << 16
                    zf.writestr(info, f"{folderName}/{filename}")

    # Rewind the buffer's file pointer (may not be necessary)
    return buf.read()

Please let me know if you need more information!


From code stolen from add empty directory using zipfile?

import zipfile

zf = zipfile.ZipFile('test.zip', 'w')

folders = [

for n in folders:
    zfi = zipfile.ZipInfo(n)
    zf.writestr(zfi, '')

zf.write('logo.png', 'assets/images/logo.png')


zf = zipfile.ZipFile('test.zip', 'r')

for i in zf.infolist():
    print(f"is_dir: {i.is_dir()}; filename: {i.filename}")


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